During Dr. Painton’s twenty years of experience working with hundreds of children and their families as a play therapist, she has demonstrated her unique capacity—she can get into children’s worlds with them and explore their inner, spiritual life. She is also dedicated to helping adults who are seeking to identify and nurture their own spiritual child within, and to become a wise and compassionate spiritual partner to the boys and girls in their lives.

Many of the children who are in play therapy with her have undergone severe losses or trauma, such as in the case of Kyle whose older brother died in a car accident. Or they may feel oppressed by their uniqueness, as did Scott, whose concern and compassion was greater than the children around him understood.

A great number of boys and girls involved in play therapy with Dr. Painton (who wishes to be called Mollie by her clients) merely need help making troublesome adjustments to difficult situations. These may include a move, the birth of a sibling, a change of schools, friends moving out of the area, siblings leaving for college, stepfamilies coming together for the first time, as well as divorce, even an accommodating one. Dr. Painton also works or “plays” with populations of children who have developed a specific fear, such as that of animals, people in general, or even occasionally, something as commonplace as potty training.

She has witnessed the intellectually gifted enjoying the benefits of play therapy in order to become well-adjusted individuals. Many others, who have sought her assistance, are struggling with poor self-esteem as a result of unsuccessful academic or social endeavors. Any or all of these children may be spiritual girls or boys who suffer additionally as a result of not being appreciated for their giftedness. Their self-concept easily becomes that of a misfit in a world that cannot see or appreciate them for who they truly are.

“I can see the most beautiful thing of all in the heavens. It is the castle of God! When I go to the castle of God, I can walk in there. But you don’t have the key to the castle. You can go to the church, but it doesn’t have the magic–it’s only in the palace! “

Child’s Quote