A Self-Quiz for Adults

This is a greatly condensed version of the quiz in Dr. Painton’s book, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, only 5 questions out of an important 50. Answer each statement according to your experiences, beliefs, or feelings.


Answer the following questions with true or false. Answer true if it is usually or always true for you. Answer false if it is not very true or not true at all for you.

  1. I validate the feelings and experiences of the spiritual child in my life.
  2. I do not ever criticize spiritual children’s imaginary or spiritual companions.
  3. It is essential that I establish a safe and trusting relationship with my spiritual child.
  4. I would never make a statement like, “What’s wrong with you? There’s no such thing as an imaginary companion!”
  5. It would be destructive to say to my spiritual child, “You don’t feel that way” or “You really shouldn’t feel that way.”


All the above statements are true. To be a wise and compassionate spiritual partner, you should have answered “true” to the greater majority of these statements. Use these statements and 45 more as teaching tools to learn more about spiritual kids and how you can encourage them. Keep in mind that, for all of us, becoming a helpful spiritual partner is the work of a lifetime.