Play Therapy & Spirituality

Dr. Mollie Painton is a nationally recognized lecturer on play therapy and the spirituality of children. The mother of three, she lives in Fort Collins, Colorado where she is a licensed psychologist since 1994 and in private practice since 1989 specializing in work with children and families. An APT Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor, as well as an EMDR Level II trauma therapist; she studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy, both at the University of Arizona in Tucson and the Erickson Center in Phoenix. For three consecutive years, she was the author of a bi-monthly column in the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper entitled “Family Upbeat.” She has had the opportunity of teaching and supervising play therapy with doctoral students at the University of Northern Colorado. Her twenty years of experience as a children’s entertainer with puppets and stories has enhanced her ability to be a privileged visitor in the worlds of spiritual children.

Dr. Mollie Painton

Over the past thirty years Dr. Painton has worked with spiritual boys and girls from diverse populations, such as those afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, the developmentally disabled, children showing symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and the intellectually gifted. An even larger number of children with whom she has interacted are distressed by traumatic events, such as the death of a parent or a divorce. Many of her clients are not traumatized, but need help making troublesome adjustments to difficult situations, such as a move or birth of a sibling.

In the role of friend, confidante, and helper it has become clear to her that all children are at least potentially spiritual, while many are astonishingly gifted. As a privileged visitor in their worlds, she has dedicated her life to being a spiritual partner to them on their amazing journeys. All of these children have taught her invaluable lessons in compassion, love, and spiritual giftedness.

Her compelling and unique book, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, enlightens its readers by portraying dozens of captivating stories about these extraordinary children, who, as teachers and healers, care deeply for the welfare of all people, while blessed with God-given gifts of intuition and ability to see beyond the ordinary. Without the support of one another, as well as the adult spiritual partners in their lives, they are likely to suffer from poor self-esteem, and eventually to tragically lose their spiritual gifts.

Dr. Painton founded and directs both the Interplay Center which embodies her private practice, in addition to the SpiritPlay Institute which is dedicated to the recognition, encouragement, understanding, support, and enrichment of children’s spiritual intelligence, as well as their families’, and those adults who are rediscovering their own spiritual child. Both are located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The ongoing groups, intensives, and consultations of the SpiritPlay Institute address her stated goals.

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Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, Dr. Mollie Painton introduces you, the reader, to spiritual children who give to us an abundance of heart, incredible gifts, and unconditional, compassionate caring. She provides guidelines for adults who may find that they are partnering with these children as they develop their own Spiritual Intelligence.