Spiritual Children

Spiritual children are compassionate beings who feel the pain of others, they are healers mending the wounds of loss, judgment, abuse, disease, or violence. When offered support, spiritual children can develop connections and awareness of their surroundings.

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Play Therapy

The beauty of play therapy is that children do not need to rely on words to express their feelings and experiences. Play is their language…their way of living, emotionally and spiritually, while communicating this life to others.

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SpiritPlay Institute

The mission statement of the SpiritPlay Institute is to recognize, encourage, understand, support, and enrich children’s and adults’ spiritual intelligence as embodied on Dr. Painton’s seven branches of the Spiritual Tree of Life and described in her book, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence.

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Spiritual Intelligence

In her groundbreaking book, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, Dr. Mollie Painton introduces you, the reader, to spiritual children who give to us an abundance of heart, incredible gifts, and unconditional, compassionate caring. She provides guidelines for adults who may find that they are partnering with these children as they develop their own Spiritual Intelligence.

Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence includes self-quizzes, tips and advice on various subjects regarding the spiritual child.

You may ask, “Are all children spiritual? Was I a spiritually gifted child?” All children occupy a unique place on the continuum labeled Spiritual Intelligence.

Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence

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“I believe all of us as children enjoyed spiritual doors that were wide open–or at least slightly ajar. Most of us were not encouraged to preserve these gifts. However, our children needn’t suffer as we did.”